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Wedding Photographer in Thurles gives Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Thurles Co Tipperary often when I’m invited to a wedding people ask me about hiring a photographer and what they should look for so I have compiled a top 5 list of things you should remember when looking for your photographer.

No 1. Connect with your photographer.
Always meet your photographer prior to your big day. This is very important, in a time now where most people organise things via email and phone, it’s important to meet face to face with your photographer. Remember aside from the person you are marrying the photographer is the person you will see most on the day of your wedding. So it’s important that you feel comfortable around them. Also this will give you an idea of what they will be like on the day.

No 2. Pick your Styles.
Look for creativity. Gone are the days of the stiff and proper wedding photographs, people are now looking for something a little different along with their posed shots. There are many photojournalists who are now covering weddings and along with the posed shots they tell the story of your big day from a unique and candid point of view which makes for great story book albums! Look at their past work and check out some examples, some photographers do a classical style while others go the reportage route, just remember it’s your choice.

No 3. The Package.
Be clear with your photographer when you book them as to what your actually getting as in albums and photo releases and so. Also and most important be sure that both you and the photographer are on the same page as to what time he starts and at what time you wish him to finish. This can all be covered in a written contract which can include price and deposit details so as there is no confusion afterwards.

No 4. Hire a Pro.
Hire a Professional. Many people contact us enquiring about our services only down the road to tell us that they have a cousin or a friend who has a nice camera and is going to take some shots for them. That’s fine, but is their cousin insured if he messes up their wedding photos, does he have public liability insurance to take them to a location for some photos after the ceremony. This is the most important day of your life and you want to remember it for all the right reasons not for falling out with a cousin or friend over their poor pictures so don’t skimp on it.

No 5. Enjoy your day.
Don’t forget to smile. Remember its your day so if you need a break from photos then just say it. Believe me the photographer will be more than happy to accommodate as this gives them the chance to go and mix with the guests and shoot some candid shots. Also prior to your wedding do up a list of pictures you want to give to the photographer i.e. grand parents, godparents, school friends etc. Appoint a groomsman and a bridesmaid to help the photographer to round people up for photos, this always helps as I find its takes the stress of finding people of the couple. And don’t forget to look at and smile for your photographer.

Please remember this is my top 5 list so its just a rough guide on what to look for, hope its of some help to some one. If not then make sure to contact us here at McGee Photography, we are a wedding photographer in Thurles but cover all of Ireland so maybe we can help you.

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