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Wedding Photographer in Thurles gives Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Thurles Co Tipperary often when I’m invited to a wedding people ask me about hiring a photographer and what they should look for so I have compiled a top 5 list of things you should remember when looking for your photographer. No 1. Connect with your photographer. Always meet your photographer prior to your big day. This is very important, in a time now where most people organise things via email and phone, it’s important to meet face to face with your photographer. Remember aside from the person you are marrying the photographer is the person you will see most on the day of your wedding. So it’s important that you feel comfortable around them. Also this will give you an idea of what they will be like on the day. No 2. Pick your Styles. Look for creativity. Gone are the days of the stiff and proper wedding photographs, people are now looking for something a little different along with their posed shots. There are many photojournalists who are now covering weddings and along with the posed shots they tell the story of your big day from a unique and candid point of view which makes for great story book albums! Look at their past work and check out some examples, some photographers do a classical style while others go the reportage route, just remember it’s your choice. No 3. The Package. Be clear with your photographer when you book them as to what your actually getting as in albums and photo releases and so. Also and most important be sure that both you and the photographer are on the same page as to what time he starts and at what time you wish him to finish. This can all be covered in a written contract which can include price and deposit details so as there is no confusion afterwards. No 4. Hire a Pro. Hire a Professional. Many people contact us enquiring about our services only down the road to tell us that they have a cousin or a friend who has a nice camera and is going to take some shots for them. That’s fine, but is their cousin insured if he messes up their wedding photos, does he have public liability insurance to take them to a location for some photos after the ceremony. This is the most important day of your life and you want to remember it for all the right reasons not for falling out with a cousin or friend over their poor pictures so don’t skimp on it. No 5. Enjoy your day. Don’t forget to smile. Remember its your day so if you need a break from photos then just say it. Believe me the photographer will be more than happy to accommodate as this gives them the chance to go and mix with the guests and shoot some candid shots. Also prior to your wedding do up a list of pictures you want to give to the photographer i.e. grand parents, godparents, school friends etc. Appoint a groomsman and a bridesmaid to help the photographer to round people up for photos, this always helps as I find its takes the stress of finding people of the couple. And don’t forget to look at and smile for your photographer. Please remember this is my top 5 list so its just a rough guide on what to look for, hope its of some help to some one. If not then make sure to contact us here at McGee Photography, we are a wedding photographer in Thurles but cover all of Ireland so maybe we can help you.
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Wedding Photographers in Thurles

Ok folks its been a little while since I added a blog , so I may as well update it. Things have been very busy of late with getting the business up and running and getting the name out there. As one of the newest wedding photographers in Thurles, we are also taking bookings from all over Munster and parts of Leinster for the 2014 and 2015 wedding season. Not just servicing the Thurles and Tipperary area we will also be looking after clients in Cork, Limerick and as far away as Kerry next year. We also hope to be meeting prospective brides and grooms in the new year and a selection of wedding shows. We've found that more people are moving away from the traditional wedding albums looking for more photos and more value for money, so that is why we are offering a fantastic disc only package which is proving very popular with a lot of couples. With a eye for reportage photography and black and white you'll not be disappointed with your images. So remember if your looking for wedding photographers in Thurles or the Tipperary area get in touch as I'm sure we'll have no problem meeting your needs. Bye for now Eamonn.
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Sebastian Loeb…The greatest but still only human!

Some say that all men are created equal while some will tell you that there are a chosen few more equal than others. This is something I certainly believe in myself. Over the years we have seen many great men and women who possessed skills that far out classed their fellow counterparts and opponents. Sebastian Loeb is certainly one such individual. I could bore you to death and tell you about the statistics of his career but you can look that up on wikipedia in your own time, what I want to tell you about is what I witnessed at the weekend at his last ever WRC event. As many of you know I am a keen motorsport fan and so I decided about a month ago that I would travel to France to see Loeb in action one last time and maybe get him to sign a photo or two. So last Thursday I packed my bag and my camera gear and off I went on my way to Strasbourg. After a round about journey I finally arrived around lunch time, picked up my dinky Peugeot rent a car, programmed my sat nav and off I went into town. First stop autograph signing! Seb not due till 3.30pm, I arrived at 12.45pm to be met by an eagerly waiting queue of fellow autograph hunters at least 40 strong at this stage. Within 10 minutes of joining this mostly French band of merry rally fans the line had swelled to well over 200. How I passed the next three hours is still beyond me but I will tell you that I missed him by only a couple of minutes, gutted was not the word!! However fortune favours the brave, and so on I went in my quest to meet the great man. I headed over to the special stage area where while waiting for the drivers to make their way to the cars I met an elderly French couple who were also looking for autographs. I managed to call over a few Irish competitors that I spotted and got them to sign his programme. It was then he asked who I was looking for and I told him of my hunt for Loeb’s autograph. It was at this point he smiled and told me he was from Haguenau himself and knew Loeb. I was sceptical to say the least but after much reassurance in very broken English I decided I had nothing to lose by sticking around. Sure enough he appeared last as he had the honour of being the last car onto the stage and started making his way towards us. I had my photo from Rally Ireland 2009 ready to go with pen in hand knowing that this would possibly be my last chance of an autograph. When suddenly my new French friend called ‘Sebastian’, he turned and smiled and came over to greet his fellow Haguenaut, after much chatter in French the old man turned to me and pointed to the picture and said something to Loeb who immediately turned to me ‘Ah Irlande!’ he said, ‘yes’ I replied like a blubbering idiot as he took the pen and signed the photo. He smiled said Au revoir to us and was on his way! Now if the story ended there that I think it would be an amusing tale, but it doesn’t it goes on. The next three days were filled with wading through mud caked fields of sweet corn and vineyards. With the beautiful Alsace country side erupting every so often with the loud thunder of a rally car. Now having been to many rallies around Ireland I have to admit I was blown away by the sheer volume of people just out to see Loeb one last time. On Friday Loeb’s fellow Frenchman Sebastian Ogier had become WRC Champion after his main opponent had failed to win the special stage, but no one seemed to care, it was all about one man, it reminded me in some ways of the Rumble in the Jungle, Loeb the great champion, Ogier the pretender. Just as the people of Kinshasa had embraced Ali as their own and ignored Foreman it seemed the same was happening here, Ogier might as well have been from the Moon as his countrymen only cared about Loeb. They thronged the ditches, wall, roofs of houses and everything else they could to see the action. But for them there would be no glorious ending to a glittering career of the onetime gymnasts. Just 2 kms into stage 1 on Sunday morning Loeb’s beautifully livered Citroen DS3 stepped out at the back, as soon as the tyres touched the wet grass he and co-driver Daniel Elena were all but passengers as the car slid of the road down an embankment and came to rest on its roof, it was all over. I had found a lovely 90 degree left hand turn a further ways into the stage when the news broke. Somebody had a radio with them and suddenly word came through, all of a sudden there were gasps among the crowd and yes grown men wept, women cried and children too. With my limited handle of French I was unsure of what had happened, I figured Loeb had crashed and seeing the reaction of those around me I feared the worst, I asked the man nearest me where Loeb and Elena ok, yes he replied safe and sound but not able to continue. The reaction of the fans was unreal, a sense of loss and sadness seemed to descend over the crowd as they came to terms that their champion would not be passing them one last time. Loeb and Eleana arrived in Haguenau for the special stage that they were meant to take part in later that day to a hero’s welcome, they walked around signing autographs and taking photos with fans and then were driven through the stage in an old Citroen waving to the fans that had come to see them. As I made my way back to my hotel I thought to myself how much of a pity it was that Loeb’s day had ended on a bittersweet note for him crashing out on his home rally and last event. But the more I thought of it the more it seemed to me that faith maybe had intervened to remind the man himself that he was still human and still capable of the odd mistake. If so well then there is no doubt of his greatness for if faith must intervene then that is proof enough that he is one of the chosen few. Au Revoir Seb and thanks for the memories.
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Silverware at last!!

September 2013 is going to be a strange month! Why you ask? Well since 2009 Tipperary have had a team playing on either hurling or football All Ireland Sunday at senior or minor level, and as a fan and a sports photographer I was present for all but one outing! Thankfully what looked like a barren year has delivered an All Ireland Intermediate title for the Premier county. To some the Intermediate All Ireland may not hold the same attraction as a big day in Croker however for the true hurling fans of Tipperary and Kilkenny it manifested into another chapter of the ferocious hurling rivalry between the two counties. At 6 pm on Saturday night in Nolan Park it became a winner takes all battle between both teams. At the end of 60 minutes Tipperary emerged victorious after a strong second half from Kilkenny which saw them go down by just 3 points. As I sit and write this blog I'm watching Sky News and some of the coverage of Gareth Bale's 100 million euro move to Real Madrid. I can't help but think how lucky we are to have games like Hurling and Gaelic Football to enjoy here. Since we were young children we were driven by a near fanatical belief in our own local club, which then carried forward to our county. To see your team be it club or county being victorious at any level brought joy and a feeling of happiness to many towns and villages across Ireland. The joy displayed on the faces of old men in Kilkenny on Saturday makes me question the ideals behind the beautiful game of football. While money has always been part of the game as it is a professional sport have we reached a time where no longer do players have any loyalty to their team, fellow professionals that they play alongside or the fans who support them week in and week out, is it the contract and its stipulations. I wonder what went through Gareth Bale's mind as he signed on the dotted line, maybe he thought how much the next team will pay for him. 100 million for one man to kick a football is ridiculous money, if Gareth Bale is worth that then can you imagine what Henry Shefflin or Joe Canning are worth....Priceless. Oh by the way I added some pictures from the match on Saturday night to flickr be sure to check them out.
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We’re Here!

Hi folk's, welcome to my new website McGee Photography. I'm not use to this whole blogging thing but I'm gonna give it a shot and see how it goes. It's been a long Summer of getting to this point, sorting out gear, new facebook page, paperwork and getting this site up and running, however to finally see the finished product really make's it worth while. A big thanks to Mark O' Leary at Irish Web HQ who did the work on the website for me, a very patient man when it comes to dealing with wordpress dummies like me,thanks again Mark. Ok so a little about my work, my main aim with the website is to establish myself as a Wedding and event Photographer in the Tipperary and surrounding Munster area. I've been taking photo's for the last ten years and have covered everything from Weddings to All Ireland Finals. My style is very relaxed and easy going and I'm not big on making a fuss on someone else's big day. I like to use a combination of colour and black and white to tell the story in a photojournalist style which I believe helps the happy couple to relax and enjoy their photo's rather then stressing. Contemporary Wedding Photo's seem to be what people are more interested in these day's especially since everyone has a camera or iphone of their own, so they what something a little more special to remember their day when they hire someone. I also cover christenings, communions, confirmation, parties, events and sports. I contribute regularly to the Tipperary Star newspaper and have covered national and international sporting events. I will be from time to time adding some photo's to the website, however it'll be on my facebook that I'll be adding new folders of weddings and different events so make sure you follow that also, I 'll add a link back to the blog here so you can see the pictures and read the story here. Well I think thats enought for now, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos. Eamonn
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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